Healthcare Practitioners’ Employment Contracts Seminar in October 2020

Next month, I am presenting a seminar on employment contracts for healthcare practitioners through Lawline uses online videos and seminars to offer CLE-bearing courses to attorneys, though non-attorneys are welcome to watch and download any course materials as well. My goal is to help my audience — especially healthcare practitioners — understand what to look for and how certain contract clauses will have an impact in the future.

As exciting as it is for practitioners to begin their careers, they are not taught how to spot certain contract clauses that can be detrimental to their future career. These clauses range from the types of benefits offered, to how their salary is increased during the course of the contract, to the restrictive covenants, including the non-compete and the non-solicitation clauses, that may have the ability to prevent the practitioner from moving on to their next position, or opening up their own practice.

The majority of practitioners will leave their first employment to go on to another position or to start their own practice, depending on their specialty. It is important for them to understand these types of clauses, how to negotiate them, what they should be looking at, and how they could affect their future. 

This seminar will be providing this information and more, so providers will have a clearer  understanding of the purpose and meaning behind these clauses — leading to a better expectation of their employment and what some of the consequences or risks are for that particular employment opportunity.

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