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When Employment Ends, Practitioners Must Understand the Contract’s Terms

Practitioners who voluntarily or involuntarily leave a practice should immediately revisit their original contract. It is very important that they understand how the contract and its clauses—specifically the restrictive covenants—affect their future employment. Advertisements

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Protecting Your Business – the Necessity for a Non-Disclosure Agreement

{3:35 minutes to read} During negotiations of a business venture or sale, certain confidential information may be passed between the parties in order to determine whether there is a mutual desire to enter into a formal contract. A Non-Disclosure Agreement … Continue reading

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Don’t Let a Non-Compete Clause Restrict Your Future

When joining a practice, a physician, dentist or health care practitioner should be very cautious of the non-compete clause. A non-compete clause will limit the geographical area in which the practitioner can practice post-employment, for a certain duration of time. … Continue reading

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