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PC vs PLLC: Choosing Your Business Structure

In New York State, professionals who are licensed through the Department of Education can structure their businesses in two ways: as a professional corporation (PC) or a professional limited liability company (PLLC). Under New York Law, both structures provide identical … Continue reading

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Don’t Let These Legal Pitfalls Ruin Your Healthcare Career

{2:55 minutes to read} Working closely with healthcare professionals in my practice, I’ve noticed a number of trends over the past 5 years. These trends are often related to legal issues that arise at different phases of their careers. Entering … Continue reading

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What Is the Best Business Structure for Your Practice?

{Time to read 3:40 minutes} Once a person decides to establish a business, there are several different types of organizations he or she may form, each with its own tax implications. Some other factors to take into account include the … Continue reading

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Employers must correctly classify whether the person who is working for them is an employee or an independent contractor. There are several criteria that determine whether an individual is an employee or a contractor, but the most important one to … Continue reading

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